5 Home Remedies You Can Do in 5 Minutes

5 Home Remedies You Can Do in 5 Minutes

Adrienne Breaux
Mar 9, 2014
(Image credit: Tara Bellucci)

Have you been enjoying all the home remedies shared on the site this month? So many great ideas...so little time! If you're looking for some home remedies you can do really quickly today, say like in five or so minutes, check out these five remedies that will make your life just a little bit easier. (So you can get back to whatever other important things — like perhaps napping — you had planned for today!)

Keep your bed cleaner longer:
Place an old top sheet on the bed and let your furry friend know they will no longer be allowed under the sheets or on the bed unless a cover's in place (the placing of the sheet will take under 5 minutes, the successful application of this method may take longer based on your pet). Spotted in the post: Pets in the People Bed: Tips for a Cleaner & Cozier Pet Pajama Party.

Avoid being woken up by your cat or dog:
There were lots of great ideas found in How To Keep Pets from Waking You Up, but two stuck out for me the most because I know it's something that will help keep my cat from meow-alarming me at 5am — playing with him for half an hour and leaving him some food before I go to bed!

Get fresher smelling cat litter quick:
Even though I'm pretty sure my cat litter even suggests this on the box, I totally forgot about the trick of adding baking soda to the litter box. Fresher litter in less than five minutes. Other ideas: Big List of Tips for a Less-Stinky Home: How to Manage Pet Odors.

Scare your cat from ever jumping on the counters again:
Try this tin foil trick to keeping cats off your counter tops, if only to recreate the amazing video spotted in this post: Tips for Keeping Cats Off Kitchen Counters.

Maximize natural light with a little elbow grease:
You can make your home a little brighter today by just cleaning your windows! Of course five minutes for pretty dirty or numerous windows is probably not possible, but even just cleaning a window in a frequently used area of your home could help brighten a space today. More brightening ideas: 5 Ways To Maximize Existing Natural Light in Your Home.

What remedies have you tried for your home yet? Report in the comments below how they've been working!

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