5 Ideas For Dividing Up A Small Living Room

updated Mar 11, 2020
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022310dividing-01.jpgWe have big dreams for our new living room that include; dividing it up to make room for a pedestal table with chairs next to the faux fireplace. A reading/eating nook is just the thing that will cozy up our space and make our house feel like a home. And although we plan on making our dreams a reality, our challenge is making it all work in a small space.

Rugs We plan on using a rectangular rug underneath the couch and a smaller rug (perhaps circular shape) paired with the pedestal table. The shape of the rugs can define the separate spaces while a similar color or texture makes the look cohesive.

Furniture placement Instead of pushing furniture up against the wall, bring the couch and chairs out into the center of the room. You’ll be creating a cozy, conversational atmosphere which allows for more space in other parts of the room.

Low lying furniture A bench, chaise lounge, low side table or open bookcase can help divide up a space while still making the room feel open and airy.

Like with like If you’ve got two to three different activities happening in one room, consider pairing like furniture (color and/or type) with like furniture in each space. The dining area might utilize a green color palette while the hanging out zone might put to use blue (or another complimentary color).

Wall color A bold color in one area of the space might give way to a neutral colored accent wall in the opposite space–dividing the room up into separate parts.

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(Image: Small Cool 2009: Hiherson’s Loft Allusion Small Division #05)