5 Ideas For The Best Party Lighting

5 Ideas For The Best Party Lighting

Laure Joliet
Nov 21, 2008

This week in the Cure we're talking about Lighting and how much it affects how our homes feel. You can have the coolest furniture, the greatest layout, the best bones and nicest art, but if your lighting doesn't do it justice then it won't feel half as good as it ought to. It also affects how people feel when they enter your home. So if you're planing on having guests over here are 5 things you can do to create a warm, welcoming space:


Dim the Lights
If you don't have dimmers then switch out your regular bulbs for a lower wattage bulb (or a pink bulb) just for your soiree. It might seem dark at first but you'll get used to it and your guests will feel cozier.

There's a reason restaurants use candles on the table. The light is flattering so people look good and because it's darker you have to sit closer to people which makes the evening fee warm and fuzzy. Check out our post on our favorite tealight votives, including some DIY versions.

Light from 3 Sources
Ever been in a restaurant and felt like you had a spotlight on your face? You knew it was actually happening because you looked around the table and everyone had ghastly shadows contorting their faces? Avoid this in your home by having at least 3 sources of light in each room and avoiding harsh overhead light. Remember Ron from the Smallest Coolest Contest a coupe of years ago? He had 11 lamps in a 300 square foot studio. And it looked KILLER. Now you probably don't need that many, but start with 3 and see how it goes.

Use Soft Light and Avoid Overhead Light
Can lighting is fine normally, but during your party you want everything soft and flattering and often overhead lights are too much. Dim them way down or avoid them altogether. Instead go for a soft glowy light like a paper lantern that throws light evenly in all directions. Check out how to properly light a living room

Add a Tablelamp to the Bathroom
Often the Bathroom gets overlooked, so make sure the light is flattering and keeps the ambience you've created in the rest of the house. You can either try to try a tablelamp or add enough candles (and far away from the towels) so that your guests don't need to reach for the overhead light switch.

What tricks do you have for party lighting?

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