5 Ideas for Your Apartment from Architectural Digest

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Architectural Digest always features formal, luxurious homes from sprawling estates to spacious penthouses. But some of the ideas presented in these posh homes can translate to even small apartments:

  • Desk behind the sofa Paired with a bench, this desk against the back of the couch invites sliding right in for a little work or reading. It could even double for dining.
  • Daybed in the living room Any of us who have lived in a studio can appreciate this: A daybed is a great way to meld your sleeping area into one-room-living.
  • Matching cabinets and walls Paint walls and kitchen cabinetry in all one color. This is a great way to incorporate a kitchen that’s part of the main living space and allows use of a bold color without drawing too much attention to the kitchen.
  • Deep monochrome color A dark, all-one-color scheme can feel lush and relaxing. Forget trying to make the room seem bigger and embrace the coziness. Of course, it doesn’t hurt of the room has a killer view of the Eiffel Tower!
  • Skinny coffee table A narrow coffee table does the job of providing a little horizontal surface in the center of the living area without taking up a big footprint.

Images: Scott Frances, Billy Cunningham, Marina Faust via Architectural Digest’s Manhattan Apartments and Chic Paris Apartments