5 iPod & iPhone Accessories Smaller than a Quarter

5 iPod & iPhone Accessories Smaller than a Quarter

Taryn Williford
Nov 9, 2010

Good things come in small packages, and never has than been more true than in our shrunken modern times. We're carrying around mini-computers and massive music libraries in our pockets every day, and our tiny devices are calling out for even tinier accessories. These five iPod and iPhone accessories offer "I-need-that!" features in a space the size of a quarter.

Think you have to forgo features or quality to go smaller with your gear? Think again. Each of these awesome iAccessories can fit snugly in even the smallest change purse.

Or, you know, a Christmas Stocking. Hint, hint!

  1. iPhone Mini Microphone ($12.99, ThinkGeek.com) Advance your audio recording and give your iPhone some serious journalistic cred with this pivoting external microphone. Your videos have never sounded so good.

  2. BudTrap (One for $5.95 or bundles up to $23.95, BudTrap.com) This little bead-shaped cord savior clips on to your headphones just above the plug, giving you the perfect spot to gather and secure your earbud cords without limiting any of your functionality.

  3. Whoomp! Earbud Enhancers ($9.95, ComplyFoam.com) Even the fanniest Apple fanboys admit that those iconic white earbuds leave something to be desired. Snap these Whoomp! enhancers over 'em and upgrade to a stay-in-ear fit, amazing comfort and an advanced audio performance.

  4. Magneat ($12.90 and up, Magneat.com) Like a hybrid between a button and a yo-yo, Magneat snaps through a shirt or strap with a strong magnet, wrapping up headphone cord slack and relieving your ears from any extra weight.

  5. Square (Free!, SquareUp.com) For anybody with a little side hustle—from babysitting to wedding photography—Square is a lifesaver. It's a free app combined with a free headphone-jack card swiper (that's the technical term, right?) that lets you accept credit card payments and post them directly to your bank account (but like any card merchant, Square takes a small cut). To get started, download the app, create a Square account and request a free swiper mailed to you.

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