5 Items You Should Always Recycle

5 Items You Should Always Recycle

Trent Johnson
Mar 12, 2010

Earlier today Abby gave us a recycling guides for five different cities. Here are five must-recycle items that are applicable no matter what state you're in:

This list of 5 household items that should always be recycled was compiled by RecycleBank, a recycle rewards program in 24 U.S. states and the United Kingdom.

1. Electronics: Desktop computers, cell phones, PDAs, and any other home office electronics may contain toxic materials including lead, mercury and arsenic. These materials can be salvaged and or used in other places. See our list of electronics recycling websites.

2. Rechargeable Batteries: Rechargeable batteries from cordless phones, power-tools, digital cameras, etc. can also be reduced to usable metals to make new batteries and steel. Try Earth911 to find drop off locations or order a box (for $34.50, including prepaid shipping) from Battery Solutions and send them up to 12 pounds of alkaline and/or rechargeable batteries for recycling. IKEA also accepts used batteries.

3. Compact Fluorescent Bulbs: You know compact fluorescents (CFLs) reduce your energy expenditure, but you may or may not be aware that they contain small amounts of toxic compounds like mercury. Be sure to recycle them at local resources such as IKEA or Home Depot.

4. Plastic Bags: Even the best of us forget to bring our reusable bags every time. We use ours to cleanup after our dog, but you can also take them into retails and drop them off in their bag bins where they're turned into new bags or plastic lumber. Since they're made from petroleum, a non-renewable resource, they take a very long time to decompose.

5. Anything You Think Can Be Reused: Prescription glasses, unexpired medications, and other working items should always be given instead of thrown away. There are a number of resources available on the web including Freecycle, Craigslist, One Sight or the Health Equity Project.

Via: RecycleBank

(Image: Popular Mechanics)

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