Trusted & Dependable No Tech Office Supplies

Trusted & Dependable No Tech Office Supplies

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 23, 2010

Our offices don't always need to be full of gadgets packed with buttons and touch screens. There's a few good old-fashioned supplies that still have a place in our fast-paced slow tech lifestyle and to be quite honest — we have no idea how we'd function without them.

Below are a few of our own personal favorites when it comes to office supplies. They're things we've used for years and will probably never change as long as the products are being made. Don't see your favorite item on the list? Let us know in the comments below!

Post It Notes: It doesn't matter if you keep your lists and your memos on your iPad, iPod or iPhone, you still use post it notes. There's always that one random thought that needs to be recorded and they've been the go to method for years.

Binder Clips: You can find binder clips in all shapes and sizes, but we especially love these newcomers which have rubber coated handles. No more slipping out and papers flying everywhere, just safe, secure and well bound stacks of documents.

Hand Held Plier Stapler: Sure you can buy one that sits on your desktop (though we hate the kaBAM noise they make) or one of those funny little guys that doesn't actually use any staples (but they can't go through too many sheets of paper at once), but when push comes to shove we are madly in love with this stapler. It can sit in a drawer easily or a pencil holder on your desk and doesn't take any extra pressure to work. It's tried, it's true and shiny to boot!

Sharpie Liquid Accent Highlighter: Even if you don't use them often, a highlighter is still a must. We love the see-through chamber on the ones from Sharpie, ensuring we never run out in the middle of a task. Plus they write oh so smooth!

Tape Dispenser: Although a small roll will tuck into a desk nice and easy, when we need tape, we want it now. We don't want to go hunting for where we last left the roll and we hate those plastic little containers where the tape always slides around. This monster dispenser is always there and always stable to use.

Image: Staples & Office Max as linked above.

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