5 Messes You Should Actually Be Thankful For

5 Messes You Should Actually Be Thankful For

Taryn Williford
Sep 23, 2015
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Life is all about how you react to it. You might spot a sink full of dirty dishes and room after room of unmade beds and think, "This place is a pig sty!" Or, you can see the little messes as a sign of what they really mean: Life is good right now.

Yes, keeping a tidy home is something we all want to work towards. And nobody's saying you should give up and let your apartment fall to shambles. But when life inevitably gets away from you and you find yourself in the middle of an untidy home, try to remember what those messes really mean.

  • A sink full of dishes means everyone has plenty to eat. And, if you're one of the people trying to eat out less, you're likely eating healthier and saving money, too.
  • Unmade beds are better in bunches – a litter of unmade beds means you're sharing your home with loved ones. You're well-rested and keep warm at night.
  • Laundry everywhere means that you have enough to wear. You have clothes that fit and hopefully that you feel great in.
  • Toys strewn about are a sign that your children are happy and healthy. Your home was cleaner before kids, but now there's a lot more love.
  • Pet hair on the furniture means that, while you try to keep him off the sofa, your dog probably had a wonderful afternoon nap in a very comfy spot. Just a small way to pay him back for the loyal companionship.

Once you've taken a moment to flip your perception and gotten into a more thankful mindset, you might find it makes it that much easier to jump into a clean sweep. (And whenever you're ready, here are Apartment Therapy's best cleaning advice, tips & ideas.)

What messes around your home are you thankful for?

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