5 Minimal Home Office Workstations: Effortless Style

5 Minimal Home Office Workstations: Effortless Style

Range Govindan
Mar 17, 2011

Minimalism isn't a new trend in home offices, but it's one that will always work well, since it will force you to de-clutter your desk frequently to keep up the look. The trick to minimal home office solutions is to try and keep things simple. Once you keep that in mind, it can be rewarding to set these types of home offices up.

You can easily contrast a minimal workstation with a wooden desk of some kind, or simply go for a glass desk. Frosted glass works nice since lighting solutions can be placed underneath the desk. The trick is to hide away as many peripherals as possible so that the surface of your desk stays pristine. Clever drawers can take care of the keyboard and input devices when they are not in use.

1. Jared's Clean & Cordless Workstation Jared uses a frosted glass desk with four IKEA Lagra spots mounted underneath. It gives off a nice glow when it's all lit up.

2. Ronnie's Mac Mini + iMac Combo Ronnie combines a Mac Mini with an iMac to get the most out of his minimal workstation. A simple uncluttered IKEA desk does the trick in this case.

3. MacBook Pro + Mac Mini Combo There are different ways of combining computers to get the performance you need at home. This one uses a Mac Mini, which could be replaced by an HTPC of some sort, with a MacBook Pro. The wood grain of his desk contrasts nicely with the tech.

4. Simple and Affordable Minimalism A laptop combined with a screen and two lamps allowed Matt to create his minimal workstation.

5. Sam's System Attic Sam's delightful home office makes us want to set up our own home office up in our attic. A lot of though went into making this a home office that allows for a few different workstations.
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