10 Inspiring Bedrooms from Budget Hotels

When we think of inspiring bedrooms, Motel 6 and Best Western aren’t the first names that come to mind, but recent projects have us reconsidering budget chains as good examples of “cheap chic.”

The rooms shown above vary in style from simple modern to eclectic bohemian, but they all offer good ideas for decorating the bedroom on a tight budget. Color is key to setting the tone for these spaces, whether used on bright bedding or a papered accent wall. Other great details include durable and easy-to-clean hard flooring or cool, patterned carpet (as opposed to blah hotel carpet), as well as space-saving solutions like loft beds and banquettes.

1 Michelberger Hotel, Berlin, German
2 Best Western Hotel, Kaos, Italy
3 24 Hours Hotel, Berlin, Germany
4 The Greens Hotel, Sacramento, California
5 Etap Hotel, Toulouse, France

6 Motel 6, Phoenix, Arizona
7 Aloft Hotel, Chicago, Illinois
8 Best Western Hotel Tomo, San Francisco, California
9 The Jupiter Hotel, Portland, Oregon
10 Good Hotel, San Francisco, California