5 Money & Space Saving Furniture Tips

5 Money & Space Saving Furniture Tips

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 17, 2009

We move around quite a bit (9 times in 6 years) and in doing so we've learned a few key things that have not only made us money each time we've moved, but allowed us variety and eliminated the eternal renters problem of figuring out how to fit your furniture into a new space. Our 5 money and space saving tips are after the jump...

Now there are two schools of thought when it comes to furniture buying. You can either purchase (typically inflated and expensive) pieces that you will have (or think you will) your entire life. This can be a tricky guessing game to play unless you're buying a classic piece that you are positive will retain it's value. Otherwise, most furniture is inflated enough, should you have to sell it, you will be lucky to get 40% back on your dollar.

The other school of thought is one that's a bit more free flowing and has the ability to switch things up each time you move. Instead of looking for a place that your furniture will fit into, or a place you can really see your pieces in, buy one that has architectural details you love or is a desired location and go from there. Craigslist, thrift stores, auctions and ebay become your best friend and the trick is to buy quality that will retain it's price value, or increase while you own it.

1. Purchase With Intent: Intent of what? Well it can be one of a few things. Intent to resell later, intent to refurbish and trade up down the road, or even with intent for a specific spot. Instead of attempting to make pieces fit in your new space, when they can sometimes feel awkward, purchase ones that are tailored to fit the space your in at the moment. It will not only create a better flow to your rooms, but it will free you up to find the perfect piece instead of one that kinda works for now.

2. Purchase Items That Will Have Return Value: It doesn't matter where you shop, it could be a high end designer boutique or the thrift store on the corner, the best purchases made are always those that will be able to resell down the line. Even if you never plan on selling it, we can't really tell what will happen down the road. In our years moving, we've made money on each move from reselling our furniture each time before we leave. We've bought pieces that needed resurfacing, refurbishing, reupholstering and repainting. It's amazing what you can down with a little bit of no how and the ability to act quickly on a great Craigslist find.

3. Buy Sturdy, Stable and Sound Pieces: Even the cutest sofa won't be cute anymore if the springs are sprung and the fabric is unable to be spot cleaned. It's ok to flip a piece over and check the joints and look up it's skirt (ooh la la) for breaks, fractures or obvious wear. This can be a great tip, even if it's awkward to do when you're out and about or at auctions or garage sales. Knowing your piece is built well will ensure it has life after your use to resell.

4. Read Up Before Buying New: The age of the internet is a fabulous time to be buying furniture. What did we ever do before we could read user comments about how an item truly looks once its arrived and unpackaged. Does the color really look the way it does on screen? Did it break easily for others? Were parts missing? Avoid the headache and read up on the pieces you are looking to buy new. Reading up on these comments can often times provide a more inexpensive alternative as well, so read close!

5. Photographic Quality Matters: When it comes time to resell your wares, photos make all the difference in the world. We've had people drive from out of state for some of our finds, but our pictures are always top of the line and show all sides of each piece and admit any and all flaws up front. List your items with tag words at the bottom of your listing so they are easily found by those who are only searching for key words and make sure to list alternative uses for those without the ability to think outside of the box. Do you have a printer stand? Could it be used for plants? Records? Let people know!

Do You Have A Tip To Add? How Often Do You Rotate Through Your Furniture?

(Image: Rachel's Repurposed Mid-Century Place )

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