5 Music Server Enhancement Ideas

5 Music Server Enhancement Ideas

Anthony Nguyen
Jul 6, 2010

While most of us can get by with just your usual iTunes library on an external, there's a group of enthusiasts out there that truly believe music can still be pushed even further as far as technology can take us. Here are five upgrade ideas for the digital music enthusiast looking to improve their music server sound quality.

Among the items in the roundup of upgrades, we have the Oyen Digital MiniPro Portable Hard Drives ($100-245). You might be thinkin', "Wait, I already own an external hard drive!" Well, here's the theory behind it:

"One great thing about this is it removes a noisy switching wall wart power supply from the system and keeps my music server completely isolated from the power source used by my audio system. Again, complete disconnection is the best isolation available."

After speaking with many speaker makers and audio engineers, we can attest that those looking for the best audio sound should have components isolated so noisy fans and other vibrating tech don't interfere with the quality of sound. It may be an expensive hobby, purchasing power conditioners and little expensive pieces like these, but whoever said perfection was easy?

You can check out the rest of their roundup over at Computer Audiophile.


[Via Computer Audiophile]

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