5 New Uses For Old Pillowcases

5 New Uses For Old Pillowcases

Sarah Starkey
Jul 11, 2011

I can't adequately express how much I love white bedding. I've tried other colours, but it's just not the same. I think that's why I have more pillowcases in my fabric bin than most people I know, as yet no amount of my laundry TLC can bring them back when they take on a beige tinge. Thankfully there's no shortage of handy re-uses for old pillowcases.

1. Clean ceiling fans. Hook your old pillow case over a fin of the ceiling fan, hold the end and slide it along the fin. The pillow case traps all the dust and when you're done you can take it outside, turn it inside out, shake it clean and wash it as usual.

2. Clean ceiling cornices. Put an old pillow case over the end of a broom. Secure it and run the broom along the cornices. The pillow case protects the paint and walls, as it collects the dust and spiders webs.

3. Store ham joints. Pillow cases make perfect storage for festive hams. Store the ham inside the clean pillow case and secure the end. They keep the ham fresh, your fridge odour free and they're easy to reopen and reseal.

4. Wash beanie toys and canvas shoes. Put soft toys, washable beanie toys and canvas shoes in a pillow case before you put them in the washing machine. Secure the end so they don't spin loose and they will protect the breakable and protect your washing machine.

5. Stuffing and plant ties. Cut your old pillow cases into strips and use them to top up stuffing or use the ties to secure plants to stakes.

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