5 Non-Tech Ways to Organize Your Geek Workflow

5 Non-Tech Ways to Organize Your Geek Workflow

Anthony Nguyen
Aug 27, 2010

While there's plenty of software out there to help organize and memorize our daily scribbles, nothing beat's the good ol' analog offloading of thoughts onto tangible media. Here are some tips to help keep that desk clutter-free, clear your mind, and live easy without having to rely on "all that technology" 24/7.


  1. Off-load pending tasks/projects to a nearby white board: Some may call white boards over-rated, but having one (even a small one) in the office is vital to getting things done. Even though there are daily reminders you can use via iCal and other digital calendar programs, nothing beats the satisfaction of wiping off a "to-do" item from the dry erase board.
  2. Keeping events on color-coded Post-Its: Likewise, upcoming essential events can be off-loading using color-coded Post-Its. We have a simple system of Personal, Business, and Urgent Post-It's. You can imagine what the red one references to. Post-It's can provide an immediate reminder without needing to whip our your phone every few minutes.
  3. Clean off desk clutter by having a Folder System: Filing cabinets. Do have. Don't get caught up on having bills and other paperwork fill up your desk space. Have a filing system and stick to it.
  4. Have a landing station for your daily essentials: "Where'd my keys go again?" Landing stations were make sure you never have to ask that question again. Have a spot for your keys, wallet, and phone. Make sure there's a charging station built in, if possible.
  5. Simplify by expanding: Wait... say what? Basically, you can make your desk a little less cluttered and less focused on all that tech by actually building a haven that fosters physical movement to get things done. Whether it's moving the office cart to another part of the room or dividing up a space for work and play, having differentiated areas of the home helps keep things organized while making your workspace feel a little less chaotic.

Got a non-tech means to organize your workflow? Share it in the comments and inspire for a good cause!

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