The Best Non Toxic Cleaners You Already Have

The Best Non Toxic Cleaners You Already Have

Trent Johnson
Feb 9, 2009

Purchasing eco-friendly cleaning products is great - but for the budget conscious or simply for convenience, sometimes using something you regularly stock in your pantry can be even better. Here's a tip for removing red wine with something you probably already have in your household.

Unlike white wine, red wine can leave a nasty stain if not properly attended to. What you probably didn't know however, is that white wine can be used to cleanup red wine.

Here's how to remove red wine using white wine (from

  1. Blot up as much of the red wine as possible from the carpet using a rag.
  2. Pour white wine on the carpet around the perimeter of the spill, working the white wine towards the center-this keeps the red wine from gravitating even further out into the clean part of the carpet.
  3. Wait about 30 seconds and then blot the area. If any residue of the stain remains, repeat step 2 above.

And if no white wine is handy, here's another option:

  1. Do not touch the wine.
  2. Cover the entire area with table salt, so that entire area affected has been covered with approximately 1/4 inch of salt.
  3. Leave undisturbed until completely dry, usually 12-24 hours but may take longer if it exceptionally cold or humid. During the drying process, the salt will pull up the wine.
  4. When completely dry, vacuum the salt up and the wine will have disappeared.
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