5 Places in Your Home Where It's OK to be Messy

5 Places in Your Home Where It's OK to be Messy

Taryn Williford
Sep 22, 2015
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The home organization industry has a lot in common with the beauty industry, in that there are people out there who make a ton of money by convincing you that perfect is the only way to be. Despite what Pinterest might tell you, not everyone spends their entire paycheck at The Container Store.

Yes, there are solutions out there you can buy to clean up your messy kitchen drawer (there are 246,000 results for "junk drawer organizer" on Google). But, no, you don't really need any of them to make your home any happier or healthier. We feed into it, too, of course. But the truth is that sometimes it's OK (and good for your sanity) to be a bit disorganized. Here are five for-sure places in your home where you should never feel bad for having a little mess.

The Junk Drawer

Everyone needs a place to stash half-used batteries and mail you don't know what to do with yet. You could try and organize the drawer to put everything in its place, but then it wouldn't be quite the sanity-saving catch-all it is now.

A Kids' Playroom

Most children don't give a hoot about your perfectly labeled storage bins. Let them take over their bedrooms or the living room with toys now and again, and collect them in a giant bin when it's time for company.

The Garage

It's easy to get caught up in photos of garages that look as tidy and kept up as any other room in the home. But this indoor-outdoor zone is the perfect buffer to collect dirty sports equipment, landscape and gardening tools and any other gear you want safe but out of sight.

Your Closets

If it has a door you can close, it doesn't need to look pretty. As long as you know where everything is, don't worry about having the kind of neat closets you see on Real Simple.

A Home Office

People have papers. They need to go somewhere, right?

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