5 Places To Donate Your Hand Me Down Tech

5 Places To Donate Your Hand Me Down Tech

Sarah Rae Smith
Sep 10, 2010

Instead of focusing on how to best recycle your tech, why not try getting a little more mileage out of it first? There's lots of places that will be happy to give a new home long before it ever hits the recycled bin. Here's a few of our favorites...

Here's a few places to ditch your old tech instead of tracking down actual recycling centers. Instead of focusing on how to recycle the tech to be made into new items, we like the idea of letting people get more use out of them before their being ground down for just materials.

1. Thrift Store With Benefits: Not all thrift stores are created equal. Things like the Salvation Army and Disabled American Veterans use the profits from their sales of donated items to help feed mouths and put clothes on people's backs. They're a great way to get your tech out without having to make any extra phone calls, just show up and drop off.

2. Churches: Although the sermons might be great, there's a good chance that their computer gear isn't. More so that there's members that can use things like corded or cordless home phones or even old school answering machines.

3. Non-Profits: There are some businesses that strictly deal in the collecting of tech for non-profit organizations, but for the most part, most non-profits will be more than willing to take any tech you have to give them.

4. Before & After School Programs: Most before and after school programs have very small budgets. They also have actual classes to teach children about how things works and to learn skills. Computers aside (they're pretty up on those), they're usually able to take donations on used MP3 players and speakers, things of that nature.

5. Half Way Homes and Shelters: There's always a kid or two at these locations that could use a little boost from your donation. Even your first generation iPod would be well loved and cared for.

Do you have one to add to the list that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

Image: Flickr member cote licensed for use by Creative Commons

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