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5 Places to Hang Your Ornaments — Other than on a Tree

published Nov 30, 2010
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For some, putting up a Christmas tree just isn’t on the agenda. You might not have enough time to deal with the set up and take down, or you possibly don’t have the space. Whatever the reason may be, we love the look of shiny ornaments on strings hanging throughout your home. Here’s 5 places you might not have thought of to implement the idea!

1. Windows Just like the photo above, windows are a great place to show off your sparkly ornaments. Look for sales on ribbons and use a simple push pin to keep them in place.

2. Lamp Shades Using small safety pins, attach each ribbon around the shade. Do it to just one shade in your home or all of them, the choice is up to you!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

3. Chandeliers: Spice up your chandeliers with a little holiday cheer. Hang ornaments and extra greenery from them for a little something special. This can even double as a centerpiece over your table and forgo the more traditional fare!

4. Wreaths: No one said wreaths had to be hung flat on the wall, try hanging them face down with ornaments suspended below them. Hang the wreath with wire to a hook on the ceiling or off an indoor balcony.

5. Ladders: Although they resemble a tree, they’re easy to add to almost any space. Even if you don’t have any floor space to spare, a single square foot is usually all a ladder needs to blend in. Tie them off with small bows to each step at varrying heights.

If this is a look you love, try using small pieces of velcro at the ends of each ribbon, allowing you to switch out your ornaments from year to year without untying all those knots after the new year! Where would you put the idea to use in your own home? Let us know in the comments below!