5 Places To Hide A Prep Table In A Small Space

5 Places To Hide A Prep Table In A Small Space

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 26, 2010

When it comes to small spaces, many folks rarely have the space to take on a large project. There just isn't enough flat surface space! To add a little space in your place, try keeping a spare table in one of these 5 areas in your home. It can mean be the difference between being able to DIY and having to buy retail or hiring someone to do it for you.

I use spare prep tables constantly in my home. They're perfect for storing all your tools for a renovation project (which keeps you from wandering around wondering where you left things), working on a craft project, or even having friends over for dinner... even if you have to take the party outside. We don't know how we'd function without them, especially since it's difficult to find an apartment with as much space as we require sometimes.

Although I usually keep the tables fully assembled, I have used saw horses and a hollow core door in the past with great success. If you're super short on space, try keeping 2x4s and saw horses in extra skinny spaces! Here are a few places we've stashed tables in the past:

1. Under The Bed: We've kept a table under our bed for many (many) years. It's one of the few places long enough to take a full size table with the legs attached. No one sees it, no one knows it's there, plus it keeps your shoes from getting trapped in dust bunny land. Bonus!

2. At The Back Of The Closet: Although you might not have a deep enough closet to keep a table on its end, they usually fit nicely at the back of one. You'll never notice the 2 inches it takes from the depth and it will never be in your way.

3. Between An Appliance And A Cabinet: In many kitchens, there's this slim bit of space between a refrigerator and a cabinet, or door. Try using this space if it's available as it's often unnoticed or only occupied by a stepladder and a broom which can easily find homes elsewhere.

4. On The Back Of A Door: This idea requires a little creativity, though when executed successfully, it's a great way to keep a table in those extra (extra) small spaces. For hollow doors, use a toggle bolt in the door to hold your table (with a wire attached to hang it). When you move out, simply remove and paint over the bolt. 9.9/10 your landlord will never see it (and if they do, doors are cheap at the ReStore). If you have a hardwood door, simply use an weight rated (for your table) hanger and attach. You can also remove the door and add a metal plate on the bottom that acts as a lip for the table to rest on and then secure the top with strong or a small hook.

5. Under The Sofa: Unless your sofa has 6" legs and your space receives a ridiculous amount of light and you can see under your sofa easily... then this is an easy way without any alterations to hold a table. Measure the distance length and width between your sofa's feet to ensure you bring home a table that will fit. Slide it under and you're all set.

Do you keep an extra table or two in your home? Share your secrets as to where you hide them in the comments below!

(Image: Jennifer's Vintage Glam Loft House Tour)

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