5 Places To Measure In Your Kitchen & Bath Before Shopping

5 Places To Measure In Your Kitchen & Bath Before Shopping

Sarah Rae Smith
Mar 2, 2010

Kitchens and bathrooms, although completely different spaces, share several similarities. They're both usually very precise spaces where precise things need to happen. Because of that, shopping for these rooms in our home can be a little frustrating if you aren't armed with a few essential measurements before hitting the hardware or decor retailer near you!

f there's one things we've talked about time and time again, it's keeping your measurements on your person when you head out to pick up new items for your home. Your bathrooms and kitchens will both benefit from this practice as they have a few extra interferences that could make or break your purchase. Avoid frustrations or a return trip to the store by adding these 10 measurements to the list you already keep in your glovebox, bag or purse:

Length & Height of Countertops: It doesn't matter if it's in your bathroom or kitchen, knowing the size or your "work space" is essential. It can also help to document the amount of space on either side of your sink when shopping for accessories or small appliances to determine if they'll fit. It will also let you know if things like rugs or floor coverings are the right size for the space you'll actually be standing in the most.

Outlets: In both the kitchen and bath, your outlets are a lifeline to appliances and plug in grooming products. Knowing where your outlets sit on your wall or how far above or below your countertop height they sit can be valuable information when purchasing things like shelving, storage, lighting and more for the area. Not only will you know where you sit, you'll know if you need to pick up another extension cord before leaving the store!

Square Footage: The best bargains always strike when you're the least prepared. When you just happened to pop into your local hardware store for something small, say lightbulbs and your happen to find yourself standing in the tile section because the bright orange sale signs called to you. Knowing what size your floors are can be a great way to act on a whim and pick up inexpensive flooring without having to phone home or overbuy to ensure you have enough product. Every floor looks better when covered in tile bought at half price!

Open Wall Space: Knowing the size of a wall is different than knowing how much space you actually have to adorn and decorate your area. Measure the space where artwork of any sort might be able to hang. If you don't want it to go below the level of your kitchen chairs, start by measuring there. If you're towel rack will get in the way, measure the space above it. Knowing how much room you actually have to install a piece will allow you to find something large enough to fill the area without being overwhelming.

Windows, Doors & More: When walking through a showroom or retailer, in the back of your mind you always have the space your shopping for pictured. But do you know how large, or far off the floor your windows sit? What about the size of your door frames or molding heights? Knowing these measurements can mean the difference between a fabulous find fitting right into place, or being too long, short, or feeling overpowering in the space. Sure this picture says it's the right size, but how much space on the wall does your molding take up? Will it still fit? What about a new shower curtain? Will it make it all the way to the floor?

What other odd measurements have you found helpful in the past? Knowing what to write down is usually a thing of experience, because it's not until you're standing in the aisle at the store comparing knobs and pulls before you realize, you have no idea how large your drawer fronts actually are. Share your thoughts below!

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