5 Places to Set Up a Home Office While You're Moving

5 Places to Set Up a Home Office While You're Moving

Taryn Williford
Feb 22, 2011

Things that make moving stressful? U-Haul vans, pet deposits and having to work from home while you wait for the cable guy. You're not even unpacked, but you're expected to answer e-mails and forward reports as if you were in your cube instead of at home on a personal day. You're going to need to set up shop in a temporary office space, like one of these 5 spaces.

1. On the Floor
Whether you're the first one in your new apartment or the last to leave the old one, you might find yourself trying to get work done with nothing but your laptop. In that case you've got one option: Set yourself up on the floor.

Grab a pillow (or your empty laptop bag) and stay comfortable if you're familiar with the best no-pain laptop position.

2. On Your Sofa
If you've moved in, but your regular desk is still un-assembled in pieces and all your desktop frills are packed away, plop yourself down on the only thing that's always there for you: Your sofa.

Make sure you follow our tips on how to stay organized when your couch is your desk. Rule number one? You need a steady surface. In the second picture above, Jolie makes use of one of our favorite living room multi-taskers: The Offi Mag Table. It's a combination side table, magazine rack—and when you're in a pinch and in-between homes—a laptop desk.

3. On Some Boxes
No laptop? No problem. No, you won't be able to get a decent workspace from a magazine rack, but you can try to set-up an impromptu moving box desk while you're waiting for the furniture delivery. Just use this picture from Flickr member Jeff Tabaco as inspiration: He's working with three laptops, a mouse, a full keyboard and a paper shredder, all plopped on two empty moving boxes and a file cabinet.

4. In Another Room (Like the Kitchen!)
You've got big plans to turn that den nook into a home office, but for now, it's just 60 square feet of carpet and drywall. Instead, head out in search of some other flat surface to turn into a workspace.

Our favorite spot? The kitchen. It's an awesome space to set up shop even when you're not in the throes of moving, but it makes the perfect spot for a temporary office. Find yourself a spot on the breakfast bar and get familiar with how to set up the dining table for desk duty.

5. In Another Place Entirely
This is definitely the best option for anyone who's moving into a fixer-upper. Without tables, air conditioning or even working outlets, your best bet is to make yourself at home (office) at the nearest coffee shop. You'll enjoy central temperature control, free WiFi and all the Caffé Macchiato you can drink.

Get prepared by freshening up your Coffee Shop Etiquette and beefing up your gadget security with these tips.

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