5 Places You Might Forget To Clean

5 Places You Might Forget To Clean

Laure Joliet
Oct 14, 2008

As a part of hunkering down for Fall we like to give our home a deep clean. This way we feel comfortable and at ease settling into the colder months. This normally means the sweeping, mopping, (maybe) washing the windows, and a fair amount of decluttering. But yesterday we realized there are a couple of places that we don't normally think about, but when they're clean, the place just feels better:

Window Ledges: For so much of the year the windows can be open (and we let the cats go in and out of certain ones) so we don't really notice the build up of major dirt. Yesterday this is what we found and we went to town on it. First we dusted, then we sprayed some Mrs. Meyers and wiped it down with a sponge. It didn't take too long and now that it's clean it feels so much better.

Look Up! We've got high ceilings and tend not to notice the subtle (and not so subtle) build up of wispy cobwebs way up in the corners. We got out the broom and knocked down what we could. If you're not sure how clean your broom is, drape a dust rag over it or a dishtowel and wipe down the high corners too.

Shower Curtain: Again, because it's something we look at every day, we stop seeing it. The slow buildup of mineral deposits can turn parts of the plastic liner curtain white (thank goodness we never let it get moldy). To get rid of the deposits you don't have to buy a new curtain, just take it down and throw it in the washing machine with some old towels or rags. Don't use detergent, instead throw in a cup of white vinegar and run the cycle. When it's done, take the curtain out immediately and hang it where it can dry. All the white stuff will be gone! This is also a good time to wash a fabric curtain (if you have one). Careful if you decide to put it in the dryer, ours shrunk, so next time, we're air drying it.

Ceiling Fans: If you've got some, no doubt they've been spinning like crazy what with all the heat. And with all the junk that floats in the air, the top side of these is probably pretty gross. Some people like to take the blades down and soak them, but we just dust and either use soapy water and a sponge or the Method surface cleaner in Lavender.

Porch: When was the last time you thought about the outside of your front door and the surrounding area? If you're us, then it's been a while. But whether you're in a complex where your front door is actually inside a hall or if your front door is on the street, dirt can build up almost imperceptibly. Our front door opens onto a little front yard and gets dirty! We took a broom and wiped down the door and the walls around it and gave it a good sweeping. (This can sometimes lead to obsessively washing baseboards as well, don't know why but it's something we notice after we wash a door down and look down at the floor.)

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