5 Practical Display Ideas From A Red Wagon Party

Pretty party displays look amazing, but quite often they can cost as much as the food they’re displaying. At this red wagon-themed party there are all sorts of frugal ideas to try with things you might already have laying around.

Elissa of One Stone Events threw a fun birthday bash with splashes of good old fashioned fun and twisted it up with little red wagons. She recently shared it on Amy Atlas’ blog and the full look is easy on the pocketbook, especially when you pull ideas from it that you might be able to recreate without heading out to the store.

1. Vintage Crates: Chances are if you don’t have one or two in your own home you know someone who does. They make for easy storage or display and they’re usually picked up at pretty discounted prices. They’re used to tier snacks without using multiple cake plates. So make a few phone calls and see who has one or two you can borrow!

2. Pre-made Pies: Can we talk about how cute those little pies look on the table? You can of course easily make your own for a farm fresh feel, but these are super inexpensive at your local Walmart. Their taste won’t be as awesome as homemade, but they make for a simple, compact presentation in addition to the cupcakes and cake already on the table. Plus, check out the small storage container they’re displayed on!

3. Glass Bottles: Even though I know many folks will disagree, glass bottles are just fine for a children’s party. They’re easier to hold than plastic party cups that can squish and crush easily in small hands trying to grab tight. The week before the party, simply stock up on your favorite bottled beverage and make sure they don’t get tossed in the recycling bin. Wash and reuse them for your party for an oh so pretty look.

4. Wooden Toolboxes: Although normally most folks don’t think about serving food out of a tool box, in this case it works rather well stuff with fruit skewers. No food actually touches the toolbox itself, so there’s no worries of it making your food taste like your screwdriver. Not that we know what a screwdriver tastes like — moving on.

5. The Wagons Themselves: What wagon party would be complete without actual wagons? There’s no discrimination here between old school and new school as metal and plastic versions alike are used. There’s a metal one outside the front door to greet party guests with festive hats and the plastic one lives by the dessert table to hold ice and drinks!

• Check out the full photo set from this Red Wagon Party over at Amy Atlas

(Image: Darci Woodiwiss for One Stone Events)