5 Proven Strategies For a Happy Monday

5 Proven Strategies For a Happy Monday

Adrienne Breaux
Jan 12, 2014
(Image credit: Charles Kim Jr.)

Mondays are such a bear. Bombarded with all the work you didn't finish last week plus thinking about everything you've got to accomplish this week plus all the meetings you don't want to attend and all the events you want to go to so you can strike that work/life balance.

Want five fool-proof ways to ensure you have an awesome Monday (and assumably, rest of the week)? Some take just a minute, some take hardly any effort at all and others will make you grumble (but they will work!).

1. Keep it clean all week.
One of life's biggest secrets to keeping a clean house is just cleaning a little bit everyday and not waiting until it's so disgusting you need a hazmat suit to tackle. Imagine waking up every Monday secure in the knowledge that not only is your house not too bad right now, but it'll get cleaner and then stay pretty clean the rest of the week. An oldie but a very effective goodie: How to Clean your House in 20 Minutes a Day for 30 Days. And something important to remember: Tidy Time vs. Tidy All the Time. And if you can't fit in cleaning everyday, do it fast: 60 Minutes or Less Speed Cleaning Routine.

2. Keep up your organization.
You know the gorgeous landing strip in your entryway you patiently put together one weekend? Or the closet organization you implemented one sweat-filled day? Yeah, organization is more than just putting it all in tidy, labeled boxes and never coming to it again — it's the keep-up! Along with attempting to clean regularly, spend a bit of time each day or weekend using your organizational systems already in place. (Or borrow these tips from experts.)

3. Make some meals ahead of time.
Save money, save time, be more healthy. Just makes sense to make a few meals ahead of time to refrigerate or freeze and eat through the week, either for lunch at work or dinner after a long work day. The Kitchn has great ideas: 5 Great Meals to Make Ahead and Freeze (as well as a huge list of recipes to make-ahead).

4. Be mindful for a few minutes this weekend.
It's not the first time we've suggested that you take a few moments each day to sit, stay quiet and just be, but it's based on science. If you can't fit it in everyday just yet, spend a little extra time on the weekend, and see if you can make that benefit start your Monday off right.

5. Set an intention.
Positive thinking works. It might not always physically change your circumstances into what you want, but it will help you look at them in a different light. Every weekend, set an intention for Monday and the coming week. Could be small, could be big, just make it true to you.

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