5 Quick Things to Do to Make Your Home Feel More Like Fall

5 Quick Things to Do to Make Your Home Feel More Like Fall

Adrienne Breaux
Sep 20, 2014
(Image credit: Sophie Timothy)

We've spoken often about how important it is to use your home as a way to welcome and celebrate the seasons; surrounding yourself with decorative markers of the annual calendar will make you feel more connected to nature and in the end, make you enjoy your time at home a bit more. If you haven't done anything for your home yet, you might employ one of these five quick things you could to this weekend to make your home feel more like fall by Monday.

1. Gourd time
You really can't get any easier than this. This weekend, head to the supermarket, the farmer's market or get really ambitious and find a pumpkin patch — the point is to grab a variety of gourds that catch your eye. The trick for maximum impact in your home? Cluster all your new-found gourds and pumpkins in one powerful, easily noticeable spot. Much like a bouquet of flowers, place it in a spot that you'll first see when you stumble out of your bedroom in the morning or walk through the door after work. Want something different and more eye-catching? Consider a gourd DIY:

2. Fall for rich flower hues
Speaking of flowers, instead of sticking to your favorite bloom, choose flowers or dried plants that will instantly make you think of fall with their deep, jewel-toned colors. Or go for dried flower and plant arrangements. As with the gourds, don't sprinkle a few around the home; concentrate a richly fall-colored bouquet in a spot that will catch your eye and make you smile.

3. Bring out the soft, cozy things
Even if cooler fall temperatures haven't hit your home 'hood yet, the appearance of thick blanket throws and knit textures will give the illusion that fall is here and in residence in your home. Not into draping blankets you don't need over chairs and sofas for effect? Consider stacking them on side benches, rolling them in baskets and more.

4. Do one quick DIY fall decor project for a favorite spot in the home
You don't have to spend all weekend DIYing, but putting a personal touch on something to hang or display in your home will go a long way to making your home feel like fall. Wreathes are always a good fall reminder.

5. The smell is in the air
While there's no good way to replicate the real smell of fall that slowly makes its way in on the breeze each year, you can aid the feel of fall in your home by grabbing up favorite smells that remind you of fall. Rather than just run out and grab the first pumpkin spiced latte scented candle you can find, consider instead your childhood and the smells that meant fall for you. Apple picking? A certain type of tree? Think back on a special scent that has fall connotations for you, even if it's not a "typical" fall scent.

What are the easy, quick ways you make your home feel like fall?

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