5 Reasons NOT To Splurge On The Dream Crib

5 Reasons NOT To Splurge On The Dream Crib

Alison Gerber
Aug 7, 2015

Just look at that incredible crib. It looks beautiful, doesn't it? It's hard not to want it. And it's hard not to imagine looking down at your baby asleep in it, and smiling. But let me put something out there for a moment. Let me be that friend. The one who says "have you considered not spending the money on it? Have you considered these reasons for not buying the crib of your dreams?"

1. Babies sleep in their crib less often than you think. The dream of laying a newborn baby down in his/her crib is pretty, but the reality is it doesn't happen that often. Babies sleep in strollers, car seats, rockers, swings, pack 'n plays, or on you. Would you still buy the dream crib if you knew they would never sleep in it? Or rarely?

2. Babies grow up faster than you think. Even when your little one does regularly sleep in their own crib - that phase of their life doesn't last very long. Once a toddler can climb (which can happen anytime after their 1st birthday) a bed would be just as useful. And a bed will last them a very long time. Could you splurge on that instead?

3. Even the best behaved kids wear furniture out. I have, in the past, justified big furniture purchases with "well, I can always sell it later and re-coup some of the money then." What that doesn't take into account is how much that item of furniture will devalue because my kids are...kids! Even before they are a crayon/Sharpie wielding toddler, babies will poop in, pee in, vomit in and bite their crib. Think: will this crib be as awesome to you then, when it is not pristine, as it is to you now? Will it be as attractive to another Mom you hope to sell it to?

4. There are beautiful, affordable alternatives. Have you considered the Sniglar from IKEA, a popular choice by many AT-loving parents? Or one of IKEA's other offerings? Have you looked at the mod cribs from Walmart? What if you customized a cheaper crib to make it your own? What if you found something second-hand? These are all alternative possibilities that will save you money and still leave you with a beautiful place to lay your baby's little, beautiful head.

5. All the money you save, you can spend on something else. Write down the figure you were thinking of spending on the crib. Imagine you had that money in your wallet and could do anything you like with it. How else could you spend it? Perhaps you could take a vacation with your spouse in advance of your baby's arrival? You could redecorate your own bedroom, to make a haven for yourself in your baby-free down time. You could put it away for a post-baby clothing shopping spree. Put the crib out of the picture for a moment. What else could you imagine for yourself, for your family?

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