5 Reasons Fall Cleaning Is As Important As Spring Cleaning

5 Reasons Fall Cleaning Is As Important As Spring Cleaning

Sarah Rae Smith
Oct 18, 2011

Although I do my best to tackle a great deal of my deep cleaning in regards to my home in the Spring, it's easy to forget about it's Fall counterpart.

Fall cleaning isn't just about tidying up on a regular schedule (though that's good too), there are health benefits and more. Here are a few reasons why you should hop to!

1. Closing Up Shop: For most of the country, Fall and Winter months mean our houses start to be closed up. Our air conditioners turn to heaters and our windows are closed. When that happens all the dust and dirt in your home stays there. Scary thought right?

2. Good Habit: Creating healthy habits in your home can be tricky. If you aren't the deep clean everyday or even once a month type, doing so twice a year is a good thing. Leaving it all to the Spring makes things seem cumbersome, so add another few weeks of spiffing things up and you'll be better for it.

3. The Holidays are Coming So you like to entertain (or even just enjoy your home solo) through the holidays. Once the time is upon us, it's easy to get overloaded with food and seating. Wouldn't it be nice if you weren't worried about cleaning out the coat closet so guests had somewhere to put their things? Do it now and you'll only have a surface wipe down to tackle down the line.

4. Built in Purge Time: We live by the thought of only having around you what you love. By going through your things twice a year, it's an easy reminder to yourself to get busy using something or putting it on Craigslist in 6 months when cleaning time rolls around again. By waiting a full year to do this process you spend more time in a space with things you don't love or use and who wants that?

5. Inspection: Going into the winter months all sorts of things like to call your home their home. Spiders, bugs, moths, none of which you really want to bunk down with. By deep cleaning during the Fall you get a chance to see who's hiding where and giving them a squish or kick to the curb before they start snacking on you or your clothes.

Why do you think Fall cleaning is or isn't important? Do you bust out the buckets and rags or hold out till Spring? Share your thoughts below!

Image: Flickr member Garlandcanon licensed for use by Creative Commons

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