A DIY Chalkboard Pail: 5 Uses Other Than Trick-or-Treating

A DIY Chalkboard Pail: 5 Uses Other Than Trick-or-Treating

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 26, 2011

What? You're not ready for Halloween yet? You say it has to be Fall before we talk about such things. Ok, pretend that this isn't for Halloween and is instead for 5 other awesome things.

Ok, so yes, technically this craft was created as a pail for Halloween candy and even though we're excited for ghouls, goblins and gobs of Harry Potter costumes, even we think it's a little too early to talk about it. But that doesn't mean if you made this now that you wouldn't be ready when the time comes.

The cool thing about this project is that even though the pail obviously holds candy, it's perfect for so many other things around the house which means, year to year, you don't have a pumpkin sitting somewhere in storage taking up space. Here's why you should make this chalkboard pail now and use it in your decor year round — even before trick-or-treating time:

1. Parties: This would be a fun container to leave snacks or thank you gifts inside of. It's perfect for birthday parties, baby showers and even a sleepover. Just fill it with snacks the kids can have and send them to the living room or their bedroom for movie time!

2. Toy Storage: Getting children to put their toys away is one thing, and getting them to put their toys away in the right place is a whole new world of learning. Draw pictures and write what type of toys might be stored inside on the outside of the can, giving you the ability to change it up whenever your needs or their collection sees fit.

3. Mommy I'm Bored: In my parents' home there was always a secret stash of something small and fun to do. It might have been a jovial prize or toy, but it might have also been a set of cards or matching game, possibly a harmonica or coloring book. This might make a great spot to keep such things in your own home that gets pulled down when little ones need something to do and can have something fun written on the outside in the meantime.

4. Temporary Planter: If you're not into growing mums year round, many just purchase them for the Fall months and their outdoor decor. Instead of planting them in big pots just to have them fade away at the end of the season, Go ahead and plant them inside something small and place it inside this pail, write something festive on the outside and enjoy your temporary Fall decor. Give it a rinse and it can be used for candy collection down the road.

5. Outside Collection Bin: Kids love to collect anything, many of which is nature. Sticks, rocks, pretty leaves, cicada shells, you name it, they love it, but you don't always want such things in your house. Make it an outside bucket that might live on your porch or even give such things a home inside without worrying about stepping on the pretty leaf pile on your way back from the fridge at midnight.

You can get the full instructions on how to make a chalkboard pail of your own over at HGTV. It's a fun project that will keep its versatility year round!

(Image: HGTV)

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