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Why This Outdoor Space Is Just As Cool As You Think It Is

published Jun 8, 2011
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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

For the last several months I’ve had the image above saved on my computer. When I first came across it, I had one of those, “I want to go to there” moments and it’s been lingering around my thoughts ever since. There’s 5 main reasons why I love it so, can you guess what they are?

1. The Giant Sweet Swing of Goodness: So straight up, there’s no denying it, that swing is dope. Although it’s curvy lines might appear intimidating for homeowners to make themselves, wood can be manipulated slowly when kept wet (Google it!). Likewise, a flat platform, although not so cradle-like, would be an excellent stand-in and is easily conceived.

2. There’s Lighting: So no one is really looking at anything other than the cool swing thing, but the posts of this set up are actually lit and would give a nice romantic glow at night. What? You say they’ll attract bugs? I’m sure there’s a bulb made to deter them, no worries!

3. The Plants Below: I’m a big fan of yards that take care of themselves and the plants below this set up create just that. There’s no weed eating to be done with a string trimmer and it makes the space feel even more set apart from the rest of the world than it already is.

4. Pillows: Even if you think pillows have no place in the outdoor world (which I totally get living in the Midwest with constant weather changes), These bad boys make the space feel soft even though the surface of the swing is hard, unlike softer rope hammocks you might be used to.

5. Everything Within Reach: So there’s the swing, sure, but there’s also a little pond and a table for drinks and snacks near by. Often times hanging out in a hammock and catching up on your reading is great, but what happens if you get hungry? Going inside is just too far (I only slightly jest), so having a spot to keep things handy or being able to dip your toes in the pool is nice. If you’re recreating the look at home, try a nearby cooler or small table to keep things in reach.

I didn’t really need 5 reasons to justify this space being awesome, after all, there aren’t many who are even still reading this since you have already started day dreaming about lounging about in such a magical space. That said, when you pay attention to the comfort that small details provide, it’s amazing how much more inviting a space can be!

Image: Asset.Soup