5 Reasons Why We Still Have a Printer

5 Reasons Why We Still Have a Printer

Joelle Alcaidinho
Nov 22, 2011

Ah the paper-free home office. Such a charming idea, but one that we rarely ever see executed, because in 2011, paper is still useful. While many of our friends have gotten rid of their printers at home and chosen to print at work, when you work from home you don't really have that luxury. Here are 5 reasons why the printer still lives in our home office.

5 Things We Print

  1. Boarding Passes: While our primary airline, Delta, does accept the boarding passes on our iPhone at many terminals, this is not the case with other airlines. With lines during the holidays being so crazy we don't want to wait for the little machines at the terminal to spit out our boarding passes and would rather just print them at home.

  2. Art: We like to change up the art we have in our home office frequently and find that there is a great selection of printable art that is at our disposal online. All we have to do is buy or design it ourselves and print.

  3. Invoices & Resumes: As much as we would prefer to send everything electronically, many companies still prefer to receive hard copies of invoices. We have run into requests for printed copies of our resumes while on the job hunt and it's nice to be able to run a few off at home before heading to an interview.

  4. Shipping Labels: In our line of work, many products need to be sent back after we've reviewed them and this means printing shipping labels. We thank our lucky stars for our little printer on days when it's nasty outside and the last thing we want to do is make a run to Staples to print out a label.

  5. Photos: While we do view our photos primarily digitally, we also like to display some around the house. The biggest users of printed photos however are our moms who are huge scrapbookers. They have a standing request for new images and we bring a stack of photos with us on every visit.

What do you still use your printer for?

(Images: Joelle Alcaidinho)

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