5 Retail Buys To DIY

5 Retail Buys To DIY

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 24, 2010

I'm always on the lookout for projects that I could do at home and on a more manageable budget. That isn't to say that I don't splurge once in awhile and pick up something up I'm dying to have for our home, but when you can make something for less... why buy? Here are 5 finds that are easy enough to create in an afternoon!

Sometimes I have a hard time looking at the items I see in stores and not thinking about doing it myself. Here are a few of my latest finds that are totally doable on a much smaller budget. Have you spotted something that would be easy (and less expensive) to do yourself? Share a link with us in the comments below!

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1 Deep Picture Ledge: for $35-55 from West Elm. This ledge is simply two pieces of wood. Use a Dremel tool to add holes to the back. Paint it up and call it done!

2 Monogram Twill Cube: for $99 from Pottery Barn. It's $100... without shipping. Really? Head to the fabric store, select a heavy duty fabric, apply a stencil in paint (if you wish) and sew up your cube. Stuff and enjoy.

3 Shimmer Mirror Sconce: for $39.99 from Crate and Barrel. It's easy to walk into any thrift store and find a rogue mirror, perfect for cutting up! Using a glass cutter and a towel to snap the pieces off, cut the mirror into whatever sizes you wish. Using Liquid Nails, attach each piece to a thin piece of masonite (few bucks, pre cut at the hardware store). Check your local dollar store for iron candle holders to modify or use a small wooden platform instead.

4 Russian Nesting Dolls: for $49.95 from CB2. Although these might seem slightly out of reach, all you need is a blank set of dolls (which you can buy here for $12 ) and a few markers. Seal them with clear spray paint and you're in business (with more money in your pocket).

5 Abacus: for $149 from CB2. Check out this tutorial for a basic idea on how to put it together on your own. Instead of using circles, try colored wooden beads instead (you can often order them from teacher supply stores on the cheap) or hunt down smaller beads to give a slimmer appearance. Save a little time and money!

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