5 Robots to Add to Your Deskscape

5 Robots to Add to Your Deskscape

Joelle Alcaidinho
May 25, 2011

They say you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their desk and if that is the case then we're pretty sure our desk signals to the world that were slightly messy nerds with a bit of a thing for design. Don't laugh, but one of the ways in which we motivate ourselves to keep a tidier desk in our pint sized home office is by adding to the deskscape once it has been cleared a piece that will serve to make us laugh/ inspire us (rationale here is if the desk is messy we cannot see this cool object). A surefire way to put a smile on our faces is via robots, so here are 5 pint sized robots just perfect for desks.

5 fun robots for your desk:

1) Deetsy's Bot020: This tiny robot is made of polymer clay, a vintage vacuum tube, and miscellaneous hardware and stands roughly 3 inches tall which makes him just perfect for the home office desk. $16

2) Desktop Patrol Red Dalek: Another 3 inch tall robot, the Desktop Patrol Red Dalek has sensors that allow it to roll around a flat surface without falling off or bumping into things. $45

3) The Inchworm: Of course there is always the DIY route for creating your ideal robot desk friend. Follow Randy Sarafan's instructions and create your own Inchworm out of a ruler and comb.

4) Nerdbots: The aptly named Nerdbots created by Nicholas and Angela are made from household items and if you find one the right size, work well on a deskscape. (price varies)

5) Pocket Drunken Robot: Another DIY robot, these little guys add fun to your desk in the form of their "drunken" swaying. Follow Grathio's instructions to make your own pint sized robot.

More desk organization from the Unplggd archives:

What's on your desk that puts a smile on your face?

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