5 Savvy Online Shopping Strategies to Know Before You Click "Buy"

5 Savvy Online Shopping Strategies to Know Before You Click "Buy"

Jennifer Hunter
Feb 11, 2015

Even if you consider yourself a serious shopaholic, picking out the perfect thing online is a whole new set of skills. Lucky for you, we're here to help with these smart strategies so you can easily get what you need at the best price.

Adjust your monitor

It sounds too simple to work, but the first defense against buying the wrong thing is to simply make sure you're getting an accurate representation. Nothing can compare with seeing an item in person, but making sure your computer's colors are on point can go pretty far. If you suspect that the site's photography may be wonky, search that product to see if you can find another photo elsewhere for comparison.

Figure out the "real price"

Remember, your total charge will be the price you see, plus tax, plus shipping. If you need to return, that could be another fee. So do your math and determine if the savings you'll get online are really savings at all.

Double check the return policy

Even if you think you know it, check. Even if you know the store's brick and motar policy, check the site's language, too. The last thing you want is to get stuck with something that wasn't what you expected or wanted.

Brand loyalty will serve you well

That is, if you're familiar with a certain brand's sizing, finishes or fabrics, buying online will usually work out just fine. But if you're trying something new, it's more of a gamble. If you can make the extra effort to see your item in person, it might be worth the hassle of mailing back a return.

Price match

Our favorite dirty little online shopping secret? Stores want you to buy from them. So much so that they'll often match another, lower price elsewhere. No guarantees, of course, but it's well worth it to ask. Another get-the-right-price-trick? Alerts! There are tons of apps that will let you know when the price of an item you're eyeing has dropped to a must-buy amount. Use them. Use them now.

What else? Spill your online shopping secrets!

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