5 Secrets of Motivated DIYers

5 Secrets of Motivated DIYers

Misty Adair
Feb 4, 2010

Remember January? So full of hope and aspirations, you made all those wonderful plans for projects and improvements around your house. It's amazing how those good intentions fade by the time February is here. Rather than abandoning your goals, rev up your Rosie power and stay motivated with these 5 tips.

We adapted the Real Simple article 9 Secrets of Motivated People to just 5 secrets (the best ones) for home improvers and decorators:

1. Do your planning but plan to be flexible.
Inevitably, plans will not go as planned. Even the most precise floor plan will not quite work out. The gorgeous new sofa will not fit through the front door. The paint color that was perfect on your best friend's wall will look like an unfortunate accident on your wall. Prepare to adapt to the unexpected and to always have a Plan B.

2. "We can do it!" and you can too.
Know that you can accomplish your home improvement goals. Do not doubt that you can figure out how to tile your bathroom or sew your own bedding. Have confidence in your design choices and fearlessly forge ahead.

3. Set realistic goals and work steadily.
Attempting to re-organize your entire house and paint all the rooms (including trim) in a weekend is home improvement suicide. Instead, focus on three goals in three months and write them down. When deciding how to spend your free time around the house, look at the goals and take steps to meet them. For example, your list might include organize closets, sort and categorize books, and paint the kitchen. If you have 30 minutes free on evening, then sort a stack of books and try not to get distracted reading one.

4. Educate yourself to become a home improvement know-it-all.
This is the fun part . . .go to sewing classes, take one of those free workshops at Home Depot, subscribe to Ready Made magazine and read a certain decorating blog everyday. Learning is motivating.

5. Keep your eye on the prize.
Imagine the ultimate living room for entertaining with a cheery color scheme, just enough seating for all your friends and a retro beverage cart on wheels. Think about why you want to improve your home and keep that bigger goal in mind. Usually the "prize" is not a room that inspires envy and is difficult to maintain. The reward is a comfortable, creative home that allows you to be your true self and to share that with your friends and family.

What motivates you to stay on target with your decorating and home improvement goals?

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