5 Seeds to Plant Now For Gorgeous Plants Next Year

5 Seeds to Plant Now For Gorgeous Plants Next Year

Rochelle Greayer
Oct 4, 2012

Cheap plants that you can share with friends and trade for other interesting things are treasures for gardeners. Last week I shared (on my own blog) a list of plants that, for under $20, you can plant in the ground right now and next spring, have hundreds of beautiful babies for your own garden and to share with others. It was a great challenge, so I thought it would be fun to expand the list.

These plants are easy — they like to go into warm soil and hang for a few weeks, then get cold, and then germinate in the spring for a full season of growth. Many of them are natives, a few are ornamental grasses, and there are options for cut flowers, meadow gardens, container plantings, or mixing and matching to go with your garden style.

Briza Media - Perennial Quaking Grass - This is a great plant in the garden as well as for cut flowers. The pretty seed heads of this grass rattle in the slightest breeze.

Pimpinella major 'Rosea' - Greater Burnet - If you love the romantic country look of Queen Anne's Lace, you will likely enjoy Pimpinella as well. Instead of white, these flowers are pretty shades of pink

Zizia aptera - Heartleaf Golden Alexander is a native plant that grows naturally throughout much of the US (excluding the extreme south and southwest). Stems with yellow flowers rise above heathly green leaves.

Allium obliquum - Twisted leaf garlic - White flower balls top 12 – 15 in stems. These can be grown from seed as well as propagated by bulbs. The seed needs time to germinate in warm soil (now), then a cold period, and will grow next year.

Deschampsia flexuosa - Wavy Hairgrass is also a native grass, and it thrives in dry shade. It is not too tall (topping out at 18") and it is quite elegant.

(Image: Briza Media and Pimpinella major from Plant World Seeds. Zizia aptera from Prairie Moon Nursery. Allium obliquum image from Eden Brothers (where you can buy bulbs for this plant as well). Dechampsia flexuosa image from North Creek Nurseries)

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