5 Simple & Cheap Tech Solutions

5 Simple & Cheap Tech Solutions

Joelle Alcaidinho
May 11, 2011

Ever have those moments where you spot something online or at a friend's house and wonder why you did not think of doing that? While tech does for the most part make our lives easier, occasionally there are these little things that bug us about a certain device and when we spot a simple solution to take care of this issue we are pretty jazzed. If that solution is simply a matter of modifying behavior and costs us nothing...double jazzed.

Simple Solutions to Annoying Tech Problems:

1) Film Canister Flash Hack: Solving the problem of too bright pop-up flash, this solution was suggested to us by Unlpggd reader Picantel: take an old opaque film canister and cut a slit lengthwise. Then you just slip it on the pop-up flash when you need a diffuser. "It's great because it's compact, lightweight, and since I drilled a hole on the corner of it and attached a string to my camera strap, it never gets lost."

2) Never Lose Your Remote in the Couch Cushions Again: Tired of your remote slipping off of the couch? Take this tip from Lifehacker and place the remote face down. This works because the rubbery buttons from the remote prevent the device from sliding by giving it some grip.

3) Get Wires Under Control with a Telephone Cord : Use your old telephone cords to wrangle wires.

4) Keep Extra-Long Cords In Check with a Chain Sinnet: Create a chain sinnet by making a loop at the base of your cord, then pull the remaining cord into each new loop. Be sure to keep your loops loose to avoid damaging the cord and voila, extra long cord is now in check!

5) Organize Earbuds With the Help of Credit Cards: Use an old gift or credit card to organize your earbuds. Don't have one to use? Follow the instructions here for a similar project made from old business cards.

Other simple tech solutions from the Unplggd archives:

Proud of a simple tech solution you've come up with? Tell us about it in the comments!

(Images: Flickr members Brian Turner, Redjar, Nic McPhee, Thomas Carrillo, Unplggd writer Jesse Leikin, and Flickr member Dave DeSandro, licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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