5 Small Daily Practices That Add Up to a More Satisfying Home Life

published Aug 16, 2014
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It’s the little things. The small, seemingly insignificant things that we sometimes skip over, because really, how big of an impact could they make? But it’s not any one thing, one moment. It’s the series of tiny efforts you make after awhile that add up. And what they can add up to is a much more satisfying home life. So where do you spend that extra effort (even if it is small)? These are five favorite daily habits to practice in your home.

1. Opening your curtains, blinds and home to the outside
I know when I’m feeling down, stressed or overwhelmed, the first thing I do is keep myself closed up. My home closed off. Blinds down, curtains closed shut. Head down. Just get through whatever stress is being thrown your way. The very worst thing you can do is close down and shut it all out, even when you want to. No matter if it’s sunny or gray and gloomy, let the outside in. Make it a part of your morning routine to greet the day —whatever it has in store for you — by opening your blinds and curtains.

Taking a little extra time to treat yourself with the good stuff

You could just throw a tea bag into an old mug and get on with your day, or you could pick out a cute tea cup and saucer and make a cup of your favorite tea from that tin you save for guests. Whatever would be a treat for you — crafting a great cup of coffee or allowing enough time to read a newspaper — make the time to invest in it.

Cleaning it up, now

Don’t leave a mess for yourself later. The habit of cleaning up the mess, now and not in the future, might be one of the most valuable home habits to cultivate.

4. Spending some time with live things
Whether it’s asking your roommate how their day is going, playing with your dog’s favorite toy for the one-millionth time or just tending to some green plants, it’s not just the joy connecting with other things that you’ll get, it’s the effort that building these relationships will give over the long run.

Giving yourself enough time to sleep and the right sleep space

It might seem like staying up
just a little bit later to watch that last episode or read just one more chapter isn’t that big of a deal, but if it’s at the risk of getting enough sleep, it’s just not worth it. You don’t need to look at a bunch of science to know that getting enough sleep adds up (as does
not getting enough sleep). And, as we’ve certainly mentioned before, not just logging in the hours but creating the right sleep space for you is important.

What do you think are some of the most important daily habits you can have in your home that add up? That lead to being just a bit happier over time? Share in the comments below!