5 Small Nightstands for Under $5

A recent rearranging of furniture has us looking for two matching night stands to flank our bed. We want them to be compact, simple, and – here’s the challenge – practically free. Here are five ideas we rounded up that cost less than $5 each…

This is extraordinarily cheap, but two night stands are simply not in the budget right now. An inexpensive option will allow us to test the waters of height, shape, and placement. If we like the arrangement, we’ll eventually make it a priority to invest is something more permanent. But until then, we’re happy considering these $5 solutions:

1 A stack of books, like these thick ones in matching covers, can work as long as your bedtime read isn’t on the bottom. Via rol.vn
2 Try making a solid cardboard nightstand. Making it yourself allows you to customize size and shape so it fits your space perfectly. For inspiration, check out Look! Our Corrugated Cardboard Nightstand.
3 Make a bedside shelf: it would require only two brackets and a small piece of wood for the top. For another look, a very small shelf might even be supported by a single centered bracket. Image: Jakob Solgren
4 Maxwell temporarily used a cardboard box in his home, but it was softened with a fabric top.
5 IKEA offers a few solutions: the Fniss wastebasket turned upside down, at $1.99 or the Evert stool (right side up), at $4.99. The Fniss might be a little short for anything but a low platform bed, but the Evert’s considerably taller.