5 Staples in a Toddler Playroom

5 Staples in a Toddler Playroom

Julia Cho
Oct 16, 2009

Whether it's a separate playroom or just a space in their room or the living room, there are a few tried and true items to help you create a relaxed and creative space for learning or play.

You may want to think of each staple here as the focal point of smaller areas in the room that serve to divide up the play space.

Our list is by no means the only one that'll do- but just a place to get started. So please, share with us what's worked in your own home.

A play kitchen- c'mon- you know us by now right? Has to be on our list. Check out our Roundup: DIY Play Kitchens for ideas and inspiration.

Storage, storage, storage! You need someplace to put all of those toys. Starting with a clean, uncluttered space each day is like a fresh palette for creativity. We like Ikea's Trofast for toy storage, but we've got plenty of other ideas in our archives- many of them from you, our readers!

Books and book storage. Create a little reading nook with books that your toddler can take out (and put away!) themselves. Add a few floor pillows or a toddler-sized chair. We've got a nice roundup of Book Storage Ideas here. We also like the Sling Bookshelf from One Step Ahead.

Open space! A little space to sit and play with blocks, puzzles, etc. If you've got hardwood floors, consider putting a softer play mat or area rug down in this area. The photo here is the Igusa Floor Covering.

Table and chairs- a place for impromptu tea parties and art projects. We've got a fun list of play tables here, but the basic table and chair set from IKEA is perfect and can be painted or customized however you like.

So, those are the basics- throw in an area for music, dress-up, or a little hiding spot like a teepee, tent, or playhouse, and you're all set!

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