5 Studio Secrets That Make Living in Any Size Space Better

5 Studio Secrets That Make Living in Any Size Space Better

Adrienne Breaux
Apr 22, 2015

Studio living comes with challenges and sacrifices. But done right, living in a tiny studio can be just as fulfilling (maybe even MORE so) as living anywhere else. In fact, some of the best secrets to living in a studio can actually apply to homes of any size. So, however many square feet your home may stretch out for, consider adopting these stellar tips to make your space better.

Create zones

Whether you live in one room or many, you want to consider the functions that a room needs to fulfill, and create zones that cater to those functions. Why? Because by creating zones, you'll help the room make visual sense and also make considerations for the kind of storage and furniture those functions will need. This kind of attention won't just make the room feel and work better, it'll help keep messes to a minimum by keeping them contained.

Double up

You might think folks in studios want less furniture, and in many cases they do prefer to go minimal. But they also know that two or three small things instead of one big thing is the much smarter way to go. Why? Because it's more flexible and (easy to find spots for) two ottomans acting as a coffee table when clearing space for a party, for example, than trying to shove a big coffee table out of the way. By opting to go for two small side tables, chairs, stools or more, you're making your whole space a lot more flexible for whatever you might need it to be used for.

Make it look lighter

No matter the size of your home, there are tricks you can employ to make furniture feel lighter and the whole room seem airier. This will keep rooms from feeling too overwhelming or cluttered. Here are some of our favorites:

Balance the space

In studio spaces, where the one room is your entire home, it's vital to achieve balance since there's no other rooms to escape to. But any room in any size home can stand to have a space feel balanced visually. It doesn't mean you have to match one side of the room exactly to the other, but use all manner of design details — from furniture to wall decor — to equal out the bulk on both sides of a room.

Go for no-frills furniture

Those who are fans of the kinds of styles that thrive on frills and design details will no doubt disagree with this studio living secret, but we can't help feel it's a helpful tip that could help many spaces. It simply means sticking to furnishings that don't have any unnecessary ornament on them — no scrolls, no add-ons, maybe even no arms. Going super streamlined like this with your furniture will give your home a blank canvas for accessories, people and art, but also, like the tip above, keep the room from feeling too overwhelmed and cluttered with detail.

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