Sweet Ways To Make A Thrifty Candy Themed Party

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We can talk about having fruit instead of cake all we want, but what most kids really want when they come to a birthday party is sugar, so why not make it the theme? Here are 4 super simple ways to go all out without completely draining your pocketbook!

In the past we’ve featured not one but two birthday parties that were ahead of the game when it comes to candy decor. They both utilized balloons wrapped in cellophane to make giant candy pieces to be hung throughout the home.

Expanding on those ideas Parents Magazine has come up with a few more of their own to making your birthday bash as sweet as possible — all of which are refreshingly inexpensive! They’re busy taping paper plates together to make candy discs, making construction paper candy paths and hosting diy candy bottle buffets. Check out the full list over at Parents Magazine.

(Image: Francis Janisch for Parents Magazine)