5 Cabin Fever Tech Cures to Get You Through the Winter

5 Cabin Fever Tech Cures to Get You Through the Winter

Joelle Alcaidinho
Feb 24, 2011

Chances are if you live in an area that snows during the Winter you are as tired as we are of this weather. We long for the days of bringing our mobile devices to the park and catching up on reading while lounging against a tree. We miss running outside listening to tunes and not having to dodge ice. We miss a lot of things, like being warm. Basically, Spring cannot arrive soon enough and while we wait, here are the five things that keep us going.

One of the biggest reasons why we dislike Winter, aside from the terrible cold is the cooped up, caged in feeling that comes with the season. To help beat that cabin fever, crawl out from under your electric blanket and follow a few of these pieces of advice:

1. Jump Around
It is probably not the best idea to literally jump around if you have downstairs neighbors, but active video game playing is a great way to stave off winter blues. Break out the Wii, Move, or Kinect and start sweating to get the exercise in that you would have gotten during your run had the sidewalk not been covered in black ice.

2. Organize All of the Things
With all of the increased time we have been spending in our homes it has come to our attention just how terribly disorganized some of our tech is. Areas with slightly appalling cable management that we never noticed before, our now something we cannot take our eyes off of. Take the time during the next blizzard to untangle and organize your tech...after all, if the power goes out you can still do this by candlelight.

3. Use the Boring Utilities
As we mentioned in the previous tip, this is the time to do the things that you should regularly do but don't, because you don't have the time. Granted, our schedules do not magically clear themselves (unless everything shuts down due to a blizzard), but we do spend much more time inside our homes during the Winter than we do during any other season which makes it a great time to run the boring software utilities. Take the time to run the utilities, calibrate the batteries, verify the permissions and defrag the hard drive, your computer will thank you later.

4. Wii With Neighbors
While the title of this tip does make us chuckle, inviting the neighbors over for some Wii party game playing is always a good time. We specified neighbors simply because it is usually pretty difficult to get friends who don't live nearby to come out during the Winter and during very bad weather it's safer for people to stick to walking distance if they should even go outside at all. Host a mini video game party and invite neighbors in your building, it's a great way to grow very local friendships and if the power goes out there are always low tech party alternatives like, gasp, board games.

5. Get a Head Start on Spring Cleaning
Yes, we know it is not Spring yet (hence the whole point of this post), but why not get started on the spring cleaning? Use the last days of Winter to clean tech that is probably filled with gross Winter cold germs. Perhaps by the time your Spring cleaning is finished Spring will have actually arrived.

What are some of your cabin fever tech cures?

(Images: Joelle Alcaidinho, Gregory Han, Flickr members Stephen Hackett, Oscar Rohena, and BenFrantzDale licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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