5 Terrariums That Are A Cut Above

5 Terrariums That Are A Cut Above

Laure Joliet
Aug 17, 2009

In our everlasting quest for more and more ways to make a terrarium we ran across a couple of terrariums that really stood out from the crowd either for scale, creativity or just being awesome:

1. Carnivorous Plant Terrarium: This one might look normal, but it's filled with Pitcher Plant, a plant rumored to eat flies like the Venus Fly Trap. They aren't easy to grow and growng one as nice as this in a terrarium is pretty impressive.
2. GreenMeme Human Scale Terrarium: Back in 07, Fritz Haeg commissoned GreenMeme to install a human scale terrarium in a home he was working on. Viewable from different portholes in the house, everything about this terrarium is larger scale than what we're used to seeing. And we love that each view is different and exotic.
3. The Water Jug/Air Plant Terrarium: This is a more traditional terrarium except that it was made using our favorite water pitcher (at least it's what we use as a water pitcher) and sand and what looks to be an airplant. This is the definition of a low maintenance terrarium that's still lovely and charming.
4. Holly Vesecky's floral planetarium: is maybe not really a terrarium, but having experienced it first hand, it's the closest thing we've seen to walking into the world of a terrarium: a geodesic dome filled with plants and flowers. Holly has made a lot of interesting projects at Machine that are worth checking out.
5. Paula Haye's Terrariums: more artwork than garden, her large hand blown glass terrariums feature unusual shapes and, our favorite, a good graphic use of layering soil and rocks.

(Images: Ken Marten, Green Meme, Koko Studios, Machine Project, Jason Wyche)

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