Ditch the Tie: 5 Things Dad Really Wants for Father’s Day

published Jun 17, 2015
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Looking for what your dad really wants for Father’s Day this year? Check out this short list of tangible and intangible presents you can give dad this holiday. No ties included!

Time with you

If it sounds corny, or cheap, or like something that would be found in a Lifetime Movie — it is kind of all those things — but it’s also true. Your dad probably thinks you’re pretty neat, and he would love nothing more than to spend some time hanging out with you and enjoying the fruits of your

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Time for himself

The thing your dad might want just as much (maybe a bit more?) than time with you is time for himself. Where he can exist for a few hours without having to worry about his responsibilities, obligations or the bills. Unless you happen to be his boss, you might not be able to give him a paid week vacation, but you could help out with any tasks around the house he hasn’t been able to get to (freeing up a little more him-time) or even arrange for him to get a good night’s rest and a sleep-until-he-wants-to-wake-up morning.

His favorite food treat guilt-free

In an era of salt-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and more diets and food substitutions, we’re all feeling a little bit of fatigue about paying such close attention to what we eat. Wouldn’t it be nice just to splurge on a favorite food, guilt-free? Take dad to a favorite restaurant or cook him a favorite recipe (though if dad has any legitimate medical concerns, of course be mindful of that).

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To teach you something (or know that he’s taught you something)

If you’re dad is anything like my dad, he relishes the thought that he’s managed to impart some wisdom to his kids throughout all these years — and he enjoys still trying to teach things. So go ahead and ask dad with help for something. Or, share with him some of the best lessons you’ve learned from him, and how those lessons have had a positive impact on your life.


No matter if his kids are young or old, being a “dad” can sometimes make guys feel like their wild, carefree, adventurous days of youth are long behind them. We know they still have the adventurous spirit in them, but in between dad duties and spreadsheets, they may forget it. So take dad on a hike, fishing, kayaking, or any other outdoor or adventurous activity they may enjoy.

What would you add to this list?