What 5 Things Would Be In Your Dream House?

What 5 Things Would Be In Your Dream House?

Jenny Butler
Aug 20, 2008

Our favourite daydream is "We won a billion dollars- what would our dream home look like?" Just thinking about it raises our mood. While we're not set on what the building would look like structurally, we've got a list of 5 things we would definitely be included...

1. An underground wine cellar. We love the idea of opening a secret door to a dimly lit spiral stair case. As you climb down the stairs the air becomes cooler and when you reach the bottom you see something like the photo above from Bests winery. It really is all about the exposed dirt and how the racks are organised.
2. Switchable Glass. After seeing this recently on an episode of Grand Designs, we've become slightly obsessed. The glass has a liquid crystal polymer in it that when the switch is on the glass is transparent but while the power is off the glass becomes opaque. We see this being integrated into the bathroom. From Pro Display.

3. Library with rolling ladder & card file. After working in a library for a few years we became hooked on the idea of how lovely it would be to have our very own card file. We've been out bid on ebay so many times we want to cry but we haven't given up hope. As for the ladder– who doesn't want to slide from shelf to shelf all day?!?! From Zimmermanzinger.

4. Grant Featherston Rocker. This is the only item of furniture we truly lust over. Beautiful Australian design and not a dime a dozen either. A pair of Featherston chairs that were in desperate need of restoration recently sold for $18,000– sigh. From Architonic.
5. Pablo Picasso The Dog. We love Picasso and find all of his work so interesting but this sketch is our favourite. We also love sausage dogs but the other half doesn't agree, this would be our compromise. From Wizard Academy.


And of course there will be a fully restored 1968 Citroen DS wagon in the garage. What's on your dream list?

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