6 Ways You Can Create a Makeshift Dining Room Table

6 Ways You Can Create a Makeshift Dining Room Table

Sarah Rae Smith
Oct 11, 2010

Over the last several years, we've lived in several spaces that were pretty small, and sometimes space just doesn't allow for a dining room table. So you need supplemental pieces that work in a pinch. Here are a few of our favorites!

The cats in the photo above busted out an old board to sit across the top of a pool table. It doesn't have to be fancy, but this meal eaten together is far more lovely and a moment of enjoyed friendship than if they were all balancing plates on their laps while trying not to kick over their drinks. Here are a few more ideas:

1. Hollow Core Doors: In combination with a pair of sawhorses or small bookcases a hollow core door can become a quick space to grab a bite with a crowd. Scoot the furniture back and place it on a coffee table and sit cross-legged on the floor to avoid needing extra chairs.

2. Milk Crates: In a pinch for a crowd that's willing to sit on the floor, 6-10 milk crates actually make a rather awesome dining room table. They can hold books or be plant stands outside until you need them, but flip them over and they become a knee height place to dine.

3. Kitchen Island: Although it sounds basic and rather "duh" the kitchen island is a perfectly acceptable place to enjoy a meal. Clear off your prep work and pull up a stool. It's usually more intimate than a small table and if you have space for one, it's an easy solution! Additionally you can keep a larger top around (hidden underneath the bed perhaps) if you'd like to be able to seat more folks around the ol' butcher block.

4. TV Trays: Those two words in combination have you easily thinking of the late 80's and there's good reason why. But take away their individual use and place a set side by side and back to back and you actually have a sturdy, table height place to grab a bite. The best part is they can slide into so many spaces throughout your apartment or home that you'll always have room for them.

5. Coffee Table: Just like Emily mentioned in this previous post, there's nothing wrong with using a coffee table as a dining room space. They sat down together at it every night for a meal and it became a well loved and well used spot. Just because it's not 29" off the ground doesn't mean it's not the perfect place to grab a bite!

6. Game Tables: A ping pong table works great just as it is, while a pool table doesn't do too bad with a piece of plywood placed on top. Game tables can be a great way to make an extra table. That way if you don't eat at it everyday, you can still use the space for a few fun games in the off-eating times.

Do you have an impromptu dining room table suggestion to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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(Image: Flickr member Symic licensed for use by Creative Commons)

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