5 Things That Help You Have a Creative, Inspiring Home

5 Things That Help You Have a Creative, Inspiring Home

Adrienne Breaux
Aug 3, 2014
(Image credit: Kim Lucian)

Many of us yearn to spend more days being creative. Coming up with great ideas, working on DIY projects, painting. Whatever activity makes us feel inspired. And while we don't all have the ability to live in our dream homes (mine's a tiny cabin in the middle of the woods with a view), we do all have the ability to maximize more of the things in our home that cultivate and inspire creativity. This weekend, consider upping these five elements that increase creativity in one's home.

1. Abundant natural light, outdoor views or a commitment to put yourself outside when you need to
Nature inspires creativity. Sunlight streaming in through big windows illuminating your rooms is a great place to start. Beautifying the views from your windows — with plants on your window sill or window boxes — is a great step. But if you just don't have any good windows or the ability to improve your view, taking the time each week to spend some time in nature, a picnic in a park or even just a walk around the block — is vital for recharging your creative energies. A walk around the block where you pay notice to trees, birds and bugs will make even a return back to a dark home better.

2. An ever-evolving space
Routine is great. It lends stability to your life. It encourages motivation by minimizing stress. But too much routine — especially in your surroundings — can lead to stagnation. Don't be afraid to shake up your decor by moving art around on the walls or rearranging furniture. Allow the space to grow with you as you discover new ways to use it. Don't get stuck looking at the same space month after month even if it's comfortable — the mind delights in surprise and will reward you with a boost of creativity.
(Image credit: Nancy Mitchell)
3. Visual inspiration that gets your creative juices going
This could mean a lot of different things to many people. I'm a big advocate of affirming phrases artfully displayed on walls. But it could just be painting a whole wall in a color that always gets you excited. It could be paying particular attention to a vignette you first see when you wake up or walk into your home. It could be a piece of art you splurged on because its meaning inspires you to strive for more creativity in your life. Here's a place to start: Purposeful Prints: 10 Visual Reminders For All Year Long.

4. Your creative clutter style supported

Do you need a perfectly spotless, everything-in-its-place spot before you can even begin to start working? Or do you like some stacks of books and a wildly pinned-to inspiration board to guide you into the gentle waters of creativity? Each inspiration style has its merits; know yours so you can support the best way you work.

5. A lack of bad distractions
Distractions are totally needed. Taking breaks from work of any sort lets your mind wander, and a wandering mind is one ready to receive inspiration and translate it to creativity. But too many distractions of the bad kind — and now these differ for every person — and it'll mean that you spend your nights finally watching every episode of The Wire instead of working on that art piece you've been meaning to finish. Take an honest look at what distractions turn from harmless ways to take your mind off of work to the kind of black holes that pull you in and never let you out.

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