5 Basics for a Tech Clean Up Kit

5 Basics for a Tech Clean Up Kit

Chris Perez
Jan 13, 2012

Face it, your tech is dirty. These devices are touched everyday and accumulate dirt, grime, and oil from our hands. Say sayonara to those smudgy screens, and crumbly keyboards and keep your office and tech clean with these 5 things.

1. iKlear Screen Cleaner & Microfiber Cloth

This is the screen cleaner the guys at the Apple store use to keep all those MacBook, iPad, and iPhone screens clean from the hundreds of customers shuffling into the store everyday. Spray this on your tech, wipe dry with a microfiber cloth and let that screen glow.

2. Compressed Air

Keep a bottle of this handy to blow away any crumbs or stubborn residue making a home between the cracks of your keyboard or mousebuttons. Give a quick shake, attach that straw or coffee stirrer to the tip and whoosh! your space clean.

3. Anti-static Dryer Sheet

Take a moment to clean the fans in your computer with a static-free dryer sheet. You'll be surprised at how much lint you'll pickup. You'll probably help your computer run cooler and more efficiently, as well.

4. Cloths in case

Ever wonder what to do with those black cloths you get with your sleek electronics? Keep them handy and put them under your glossy plastic tech for quick clean ups. I have one under my bookshelf computer speakers, Bluetooth phone, and Wacom tablet for easy access.

5. Endust static electronics

Spray this onto your desk space, and behind your monitors. Wipe dry and let the product do its magic as it repels dust bunnies from gathering around your electronics so quickly.

(Images: 1. Flickr member Simon Q licensed for use under Creative Commons, 2.Flickr member Rosa Say licensed for use under Creative Commons, 3.via Lifehacker by Whitson Gordon, 4.Chris Perez, 5. Flickr member ToddMorris licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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