5 Things to Consider Before Painting a Room

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Is one of your new year’s resolutions to freshen-up your space? There may be no better way than editing and painting. Before you visit your local paint store and commit to a color, consider the following and choose a hue that will endure your demands and scrutinous eye!

5 Things to Consider Before Painting a Room, details below.

  • Lighting: If the room’s walls are currently white or another light color, you should consider how painting the room a darker hue will affect your current lighting scheme. Will you need to add additional lighting? If so, save energy and choose a color on the lighter side.
  • Longevity: Is a color for the ages? Part of decorating your home in an eco-friendly fashion is considering which items and designs will withstand your scrutiny over time. If you’re not completely sold on the color, don’t do it. You’ll end up repainting in a year, wasting time, money and resources.
  • Traffic: Does the space experience heavy traffic? If so, think darker. White hallways and entryways will show wear and tear relatively quick. Avoid unnecessary cleaning by choosing a low-maintenance color. Make your paint perform for you!
  • External Input: No, I don’t think you should entertain input from your friends, family or neighbors. You are, in fact, the one who must live day in and day out with your choice. Rather, go sit in the room under consideration and look around. What do you see out the windows? Through the doorways? What colors dominate? Take note of them because you’ll want your gaze to easily move between spaces and out your window without being jarred by mismatched color.
  • Inspiration: Besides just finding inspiration in your current color scheme, take a look at your recent purchases, no matter what they are—clothing, bags, bedding, shoes, etc. Did you find a common color scheme? Is there one you can use for inspiration?

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