5 Things to Do Before Clicking "Buy" on Home Flash Sale Sites

5 Things to Do Before Clicking "Buy" on Home Flash Sale Sites

Kim Lucian
Apr 25, 2013

We've all heard the arguments, for and against, online designer sample sales: the adrenaline fueled urge to buy things you may or may not really need, the inability to "try things on" before committing, non-refundable purchase. With the surge in home-centric versions of these sales, how do we best navigate these issues?

Home items tend to be a bit more dangerous on the impulse buy side. The question "Does it fit?" becomes a much bigger logistical issue than simply taking it to the tailor or bequeathing it to a happy niece. Matching color can also be tricky as items that appear one way on screen may be a a shade-or several off from the item depicted. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Read the return policy. While some will give you a refund others are store credit only, or final sale.

2. Ask yourself if you would still want the item at full retail. It's easy to be flexible with our style when it comes to an alluring price tag, but if it's "happy modern" and your space is "bohemian luxe", that Jonathan Adler piece will look just as out of place in your home if it cost $50 as it would at $500.

3. Read the dimensions and measure, measure, measure. Don't forget the doorway while you're at it. There's nothing worse that having a piece delivered and realizing you would need a crane to get it inside.

4. Search the web for other product shots and reviews of the item. Try to get the truest sense of the look, feel, and color as possible before you commit.

5. Pause and consider before pressing "buy": Try to tune out the sense of urgency created by a "limited time" offer that's "soon to be sold out" and make your buying decisions wisely. After all, this isn't a piece that you can bury in the back of your closet when you experience buyers remorse. The things we bring into are homes become a part of our everyday environments.

If you still love it, it's in your budget and you've considered the logistics, enjoy your find and happy shopping!

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